#OurFights are Hillary’s fights

#OurFights are Hillary’s fights: Angela Bassett, actress

“Hillary cares about our communities and our children. They often say that if you want an indication of what someone would do in the future, look at their past. Clinton’s first job after law school was working for the Children’s Defense Fund in South Carolina with Marian Wright Edelman.

When I grew up in a single-parent home in St. Petersburg, FL, my mom stressed to me: “Get yourself together.” I would bring home a C. She’d say, “That’s average. I don’t have average kids.” She knew the journey. She knew education was the way that we were going to make it. Hillary knows that as well. Her New College Compact plan will make tuition debt free for students and allow graduates to refinance their loans.

We’re in a real crucial time right now. The Republicans will rip away all the progress that has been made in the last eight years – like the Affordable Care Act. Hillary is not afraid to stand up to insurance companies about making prescription drugs affordable. My mom had a host of illnesses that required several expensive medications, but due to the Affordable Care Act, she was able to receive the care and medicines she needed. Hillary will build on that progress.

I hope Hillary can count on you because you can count on her.”

#OurFights are Hillary’s fights

#OurFights are Hillary’s fights: Megan, Columbia

“I moved to Columbia about a year ago—before that, I lived about 10 minutes away from Sandy Hook, Connecticut, where the school shooting took place. Being so close to that tragedy, I feel we need a strong voice on gun control. Hillary’s policies will prioritize safety over the gun lobby, and she’s the right candidate to take this on.”

#OurFights are Hillary’s fights

#OurFights are Hillary’s fights: Karen Carradine-Jackson

“I grew up in Flint, Michigan and I have family there. The water issue is one of my main concerns because I have small nieces and nephews that are still there. It’s a shame what the city has become, how they did not inform the citizens what had happened, and for Hillary to be the first person to discuss it, to rally behind them to make sure they’re getting the support they need, I think that’s what we need in a leader. I support Hillary Rodham Clinton because I believe she can do all the work we need to have done to address all the Flints around the country.”

#OurFights are Hillary’s fights

#OurFights are Hillary’s fights: Nick Sottile, President of the College Democrats of South Carolina

“For those who want to keep America moving forward, it’s clear: Hillary Clinton is the best choice to be the next president of the United States.

Clinton’s character and experience make her the most qualified candidate for the presidency. She understands today’s political climate and how to deal with the Republicans in Congress. As first lady and as senator she scored victories, both by working with and fighting against those across the aisle.

Her record as Secretary of State was remarkably successful, with a legacy of promoting human rights — particularly LGBT rights and women’s rights — alongside strengthening America’s security and global partnerships.

In any role she’s been in, from her work as a young civil rights lawyer to her service in government, Hillary has made a positive impact in the lives of others.

No one is better prepared to build on the progress made under President Obama. That’s apparent on issue after issue.”

Read more: http://hrc.io/21mMnNs

#OurFights are Hillary’s Fights

#OurFights are Hillary’s Fights: Sean Patrick Thomas, actor

“When my children were born, the president was Barack Obama. He’s the only president they’ve ever known, and it’s very important to me that whatever progress he has made in the last seven years continue because the world my children were brought into with Barack Obama as president is the world that I want it to continue to be. I want them to have every opportunity, and I don’t want them to have any of the obstacles that were there before him. I feel that Hillary Clinton gives us our best opportunity to keep an open road clear for my children and for everyone’s children.”

#OurFights are Hillary’s Fights

#OurFights are Hillary’s Fights: Vivica Fox, actress, producer, and television host

“I’m supporting Hillary Clinton because she is the woman who is truly qualified to lead this country. She’s smart, she’s strong, and she’s totally educated. Hillary is for women’s rights, for gun control, and also for healthcare. We need to continue the path of progress that we have established the last eight years. She is the one that is totally, totally ready. When she’s elected in 2016, it will mean that I was a part of history twice, getting out on the campaign trail for Barack Obama, the first African American president, and then for Hillary Clinton, the first female president.

She’s smart, she’s strong, she’s totally educated, and she’s my girl, and why not?!”

#OurFights are Hillary’s Fights

#OurFights are Hillary’s Fights: Robby Mook, Hillary for America Campaign Manager

“We’ve got to turn South Carolina blue. This campaign is a tremendous opportunity to get involved and to keep building the state party. We’re not just trying to nominate Hillary to be our next president; we’re trying to build up the Democratic Party here in the state to win.”

#OurFights are Hillary’s Fights

#OurFights are Hillary’s Fights: Michelle Kwan, Olympic Medalist and World Champion Figure Skater

I support Hillary because of what she does for women and girls all around the world. I loved when she said that one day fathers will be able to tell their daughters that they can be anything they want to be, even President of the United States. I hope she shatters the glass ceiling.

#OurFights are Hillary’s Fights

#OurFights are Hillary’s Fights: Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ)

I support Hillary because she is the right choice for this country.

It is clear to me that we as Democrats want the person that can represent us in this general election and that has a proven track record.

Hillary has demonstrated from the time she left college to this very day that she cares about working class families, that she cares about minority families, that she understands the global issues and the domestic issues, and that she has a plan. She has a reputation for following through, so she’s my candidate. Also, I know that President Obama’s legacy would be protected and enhanced under a Hillary Clinton presidency .

I’ve worked with her, observed her, and I know this country would be in very good hands under her presidency.

#OurFights are Hillary’s Fights

#OurFights are Hillary’s Fights: Congressman Bennie G. Thompson (D-Mississippi)

“Democracy in America is about participation. I’ve been an elected official for over 40 years in Mississippi and that’s the message I take with me every place I go. South Carolina and the South are very important to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. I want people to know that 8 years of progress is at risk, and her message is a message directed at working people who want good for their country. “